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Organisations we are pleased to be working with.

Instituute Fondsenwerving

Instituute Fondsenwerving – with 500 associate members -is the trade association of fundraising institutions, professionals and service providers. IF aims to be the platform where you can share knowledge, network and further develop yourself. IF unites all fundraisers and their organizations and encourages them to help each other. Events they organise include:

  • Glimpses into the kitchen
  • Science for Society lectures
  • Network and member meetings
  • Fundraising and debatcafé’s

The Thinking Hut

The Thinking Hut is the new and fresh creative co-working space in Amsterdam. The space is 500sqm and was once filled with horses but has been renovated to re-open doors to a collaborative work environment where different people (entrepreneurs, freelancers, zzp-ers, designers, writers, web developers, marketing minds, account and project managers, …) can feel comfortable working on their own projects, while having the possibility of sharing, engaging and in essence, creating together with others.

With memberships suited to all needs, meeting facilities, a quickly filling agenda of events and workshops, and a very flexible mentality, The Thinking Hut aspires to become a creative network for those working at the space, their friends, and colleagues.


The Impact Hub

Community of Entrepreneurs, front runners and Impact Makers

Impact does not only just happen, it requires collective action. Impact Hub at Amsterdam have access to the resources, knowledge, content and talent (entrepreneurs) promoting initiatives for a better world.
What’s the story behind Impact Hub?
Impact Hub is about the power of innovation through cooperation. We believe that there is not only shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time, but there is an acute lack of infrastructure to go through barriers and make them true. Impact Hub was established to meet this need. Impact Hub is a well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystem for social innovation, internationalization and productivity, which contributes significantly to economic growth and solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges.


Care2 is the largest global community of people working together to charity. If you want to commit to a political action, improvement of national legislation, animal welfare, promotion of women’s rights, human rights or any other good thing, we like to show you how you can start a petition signatures to collect and make your voice heard .

Our experienced team action can help to optimize your petition, bring in more autographs and even get media attention. Petitions of members are frequently mentioned in the New York Times, USA Today and other major media sites. But start first by creating a petition and share it later on Facebook and Twitter. Each day start individual successful global online petitions on Care2. It’s quick, easy and free to start a petition and change things!

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