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Beyond Profit Solutions

Going from Profit to Beyond Profit 

Beyond Profit it a 6-week course giving people who want to move from working for a profit-making organisation to a not for profit, NGO or Social Enterprise practical guidelines on how to make the switch.

What do you get from this 6-Week Course? 

  • Expert knowledge from leaders in the social sector
  • The tools to transform your Profile to attract social sector recruiters
  • Fun interactive exercises to help you chose your way forward
  • Plenty of opportunities to share your experience and development with your peers
  • All materials provided on site
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- See Past Events -

Past events include:

  • Hope is NOT a Strategy!
  • Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing
  • Impact Measurement
  • How to Make your Presentation Stand Out!
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture and Acheiving your Strategic Goals
  • Kick-Starting Your Start Up
  • Corporate Fundraising
  • How to Raise 1.4 Million $’s Day!
  • Converting your ‘Like’s’ in to Cash
  • Volunteers
  • Corporate Fundraising – The Accenture Point of View…
  • Join the Crowd Funding Seminar
  • Developing Your Donors
  • Friendraising – what is it and what’s in it for you?
  • Face to Face Innovation to Motivate your Donors!
  • Crowd Sourcing; let’s get started!
  • Innovation
  • Legacies: understanding the old and wealthy generation
  • Events – How to plan and organise your successful event
  • Alumni Fundraising
  • Social Media – How to make the most of it.
  • Story Telling
  • Strategy Setting with a Hug!
  • Viral Campaigns

Event Speakers

Karina Sandoval has 10+ years of experience working for international nonprofit organizations in Latin America, United States of America and Europe.
Some of the organizations she has worked with include: United Nations (USA), Peace Child International (UK), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (USA), Fairfood International (NL), Sense International (UK), Stars Foundations (UK), Dance for Life (NL), Government of Peru in NL, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture to name some. Karina currently lives in Amsterdam and serves clients from all over the world as IFC senior consultant. She is also IFC’s lead consultant for the Latin America region.

Andrew Berg

With over 10 years in the print production industry for the fundraising sector, Andrew has a great knowledge of how to make direct mail (DM) fundraising work for charitable organisations. Through his experience at Innovairre he has been advising charities in Europe how to get the most out of their DM campaigns and optimise overall results by analyzing what has worked and what has not worked.  This scientific and strategic approach to DM fundraising has allowed many charities to effectively use this channel as their main acquisition tool, to double or even triple response rates, to lower cost to acquire and to grow a donor base in a short amount of time.

Andrew is originally from the United States but has lived in France, and has made his home and career in Amsterdam for the past 9 years.  Come and hear some valuable tips from one of the experts in DM fundraising in Europe!


As well as major gifts experience, Hayley has worked for three start up NGOs. At the age of 26 she was Chief Executive of
Beauchamp Lodge Settlement a struggling charity in London. In three years she turned its fortunes around to become a thriving
organisation with a sustainable and diverse income and funding stream.


Creative Director – Bumbuku

Ozge Tigli is a highly skilled digital storytelling specialist with +9 years of experience in the field of social impact, digital media and visual storytelling. She is passionate about creating unique and remarkable digital stories for social good. Ozge has worked with universities and several international NGOs (Amnesty, STGM and CHI, to name a few) and holds a master’s degree in Media and Cultural Studies. She is the Creative Director of Bumbuku, an award winning, Amsterdam based Digital Storytelling collective, specialised in social impact organisations. They help social impact organisations reach a wider range of supporters with ingenious animation videos and efficient social media strategies. Their mission is to increase impact of change makers working for a better world

FFF sessions, always a very inspiring and informative pleasure !

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