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A few of our happy clients

Nkhoma Hospital Foundation

What are we doing for them?

Feasibility Study, Fundraising Strategy, Case for Support, Corporate Fundraising, Gift in Kind, Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations, Website development, Mentoring

About Nkhoma Hospital Foundation

A Christian organization serving children, families and elderly people suffering poverty and oppression. Through practical and spiritual support we give hope by meeting urgent needs and building self-sufficient communities.

Helen was asked to help Nkhoma Hospital Foundation with their enormous task of raising funds to build a new hospital. The current hospital is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, but in many areas is in complete disrepair. Measures have been made to renovate some of the wards, but without a complete overhaul, it is really insufficient for the needs of the growing community. Despite its restrictions, Nkhoma are incredibly well respected throughout Malawi and its neighbouring countries. Often patients, (or as they like to refer to them clients) travel from hundreds of miles away to experience the caring service Nkhoma offer. The hospital is a leader in its field in Africa for Eye Care, Cervical Cancer treatment and Fistula. The goal for Nkhoma is to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ where Doctors, nurses and medical students can come and train in tropical medicine whilst also offering their own services to the clients in need in Malawi.

Nkhoma have recruited Helen to help with their overall fundraising strategy. Helen hosted a brainstorming meeting with two representatives from Nkhoma who travelled to Amsterdam especially for the meeting and the Chairman of the Nkhoma Foundation in The Netherlands. The brainstorm gave great insight into what Nkhoma had already achieved, the aspirations of where it wanted to go and the potential. Everyone at the meeting agreed that there was a big mountain to climb, but we could do it step by step.

Helen created a dedicated fundraising website Nkhoma Hospital Foundation . It was important that this was created as focuses the cause and encourages donations from individual donors as well as allow the charity to have online awareness. IFC integrated a secure online donation facility which meant that donations could be received easily and securely.

Currently the fundraising strategy is being finalised and the Case for Support is being written. Helen is looking forward to working on this adventure together with Nkhoma Hospital.

Zending Over Grenzen (Misson Without Borders)

What did we do for them?

Database analysis, donor retention, donor acquisition, middle donors, fundraising strategy, social media strategy

About Zending Over Grenzen (Mission without Borders)

A Christian organization serving children, families and elderly people suffering poverty and oppression. Through practical and spiritual support we give hope by meeting urgent needs and building self-sufficient communities.

Helen worked closely with the Zending Over Grenzen office in the Netherlands and when necessary with the head office in the UK. Zending Over Grenzen wanted Helen to review the data from their donors to see how they could be more efficient and generate more income. Helen completed a thorough review of the data and submited a full report and suggestions, improvement and where it was not necessary to make any alterations. In some cases if it isn’t broken why try to fix it!

Continued to work with Zending Over Grenzen on the overal fundraising strategy planning for the next 5 years, which included brainstorming for a brand new social media strategy and looked at the possibilities of a volunteering and ambassadors program.

Helen very much enjoyed working with the open minded and dedicated team at Zending Over Grenzen.


What did we do for them?

Institution Fundraising, Grants subsidies, Research, Planning, Strategy, Reporting

About Dance4Life

Dance4life works with young people to enable a healthy future. They do this through sex education, and use music and dance to engage young people and inspire them to be positive influencers on their peers. They also do a great deal of work with governments and advocacy.

Helen was employed to research, source, review and prioritize the most appropriate grant making organsiations. Helen was also tasked with reporting findings back to the Fundraising Directors and advise them on their strategies.


What did we do for them?

Fundraising Strategy, Corporate Fundraising, Event Fundraising

Amsterdam Mama's

Amsterdam Mamas is a not-for-profit foundation that provides reliable information and support for international parents in Amsterdam and the surrounding regions

Helen worked very closely with Amsterdam Mama’s on their corporate fundraising strategy. This went hand in hand with their events fundraising plans as corporate sponsors were asked to be involved and sponsor parts of the event.

Oxfam Novib

What did we do for them?

Workshop, Fundraising, Online Fundraising.


Poverty is caused by humans. And so, people also have the power to solve poverty. Oxfam connects people, enterprises and governments worldwide to work together for a just world. With practical and innovative solutions, Oxfam empower people to create an an existence without creating poverty.

International Association for Ultra Runners

What did we do for them

Interactive Marketing and Fundraising brainstorm with International Board of Directors, follow up after brainstorm with full written report, advice and recommendations for further actions.

International Association for Ultra Runners

The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) is operating under the patronage of the IAAF and is dedicated to develop ultradistance running internationally within the IAAF Rules &
As international governing body for ultradistance running, one of our main objectives is to promote and develop long distance running worldwide by encouraging specific activities in each of the IAAF Continental Areas.

The 100 km is our “flagship” since the IAAF officially sanctions this distance and also ratifies
100 km world records.

The major IAU competitions are :

  • 100 km World Championships under the patronage of the IAAF
  • 100 km Area Championships
  • 24H World Championships
  • 24H Area Championships
  • Trail World Championship
  • 50 km World Championship


What did we do for them?

Brainstorm corporate sponsorship, Identifying potential supporters and coaching on how to do the approach and the ‘ask’.

About The Good Family

Why The Good Family

We live in an incredible time. A time of rapid change and unprecedented opportunities. A time when everything seems to be.

And for that reason also a time more than ever requires us to consciously deal with the choices we make every day. Never before the impact of humanity on the earth was so decisive for her welfare as now. Whether it comes to environmental, health or quality of life, all around us we see (in) directly the consequences of our daily actions. The quality of our choices is more important than ever for the future of next generations. How look our children’s future will look like is up to us.

For whom?

We are The Good Family, founded by and for young families.Started by Noah, Peter and Sandra, parents like you, believe that good intentions and positive energy make the difference. Because we are not alone, the community is growing! Together we are many and we take action, at home at the kitchen table, along with our children.

What are we doing?

We want to make our daily choices like in a conscious way, but we do not always know how. At The Good Family families tell each other their stories and we share our tips . If we combine our efforts in terms of food, housing, leisure, clothing, toys, education, etc. We find our own solutions and alternatives to help each other and inspire.

How do we do it?

The Good Family connects families and organizations with sustainable ambitions to common sense in the world together for future generations. Together with our partners we develop games that children and give parents an insight into our daily routines and their impact on health, environment and society. Families can always make this a little more durable playfully their lifestyle. On the other hand get our partners (businesses, schools, governments) to better understand the perceptions, motivations and needs of families so that their (future) sustainable products and services can offer better reflect this. So together we achieve important goals such as eating healthier, lower CO2 emissions and more fair trade products in the shops.


What did we do for them?

Strategy, sponsorship packages, project planning, implementation, project management, team management, website strategy, website implementation (including online donation) CSR advice.

About CPhI

UBM is a global events-led marketing and communications services business.

Helping businesses do business by connecting them with a targeted, qualified audience, through live events, press releases and other digital and print media. We help professional people in more than 20 countries around the world succeed by enabling them to connect with each other and with the markets they serve. And we do this by whatever means works best – at live events, through digital media or in publications.

Helen was contacted by the CPhI department of the international Exhibition and events organisation UBM. CPhI have a strong CSR policy as understand the importance of its impact internally and how it can affect business externally too. They wanted to increase their offering to their visitors and exhibitors at their Pharmaceutical World Wide event.

Together CPhI and Helen worked together to identify and create sponsorship packages for exhibitors and promoters to buy. All proceeds from the sponsorship sales would go to charity Global Angels as they were CPhI’s nominated charity. There was also the opportunity for a straight forward donation directly to a Global Angles project. To compliment this, CPhI and IFC connected with organisation Camps International to be able to offer for volunteers from the CPhI community to help build a school in Kenya.

Alle Handen Helpen

What did we do for them?

Strategy, brainstorming, planning, advice.


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