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Something we all struggle with. Getting new people to sign up and become a donor is a tricky business, no question about it. One key player which is increasingly being pushed aside and should be the mainstay of any good acquisition strategy – Direct Mail. Sending a letter does work IF done the right way!

We all receive countless emails in our inbox every-day, many of which we either ignore or delete. But what makes a potential donor sit up and take notice? How can we make our email / newsletter/multi media campaign stand out? Ironically what is old is new and a nicely designed, well thought out letter, to accompany the ‘new media’, especially if it is in the ‘real life’ mailbox can really make a campaign stand out from the crowd.

At the First Friday Fundraiser Session 06 April, we have invited along Andrew Berg from #Innovairre to talk about integrated marketing and donor acquisition. How to get heard above the ‘noise’ of other organizations, how to attract new potential donors and how to convert that interest into a loyal regular donor. Andrew will be sharing with us how to integrate Direct Mail into your on and offline campaigns, what works and what doesn’t and the scientific strategies that we can use to acquire and cultivate new donors to double and in some cases triple response rates.

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