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It is usually on the fundraiser’s list of ‘to do’s’ and is a classic element of the fundraising mix. But have you stopped to think is it really right for your organisation?

We as fundraisers talk a lot about the ‘Ask’. How do we prepare for it, make the most of it and actually do it are continual points of discussion. However, in any good Major Donor campaign, there is a lot of preparation to do even before we know who to contact for the ‘Ask’. Prospect generation, desk research, cultivation, event preparation etc all contribute to making a successful campaign. Which should beg the question to any organisation, are you ready to take this on?

I am delighted to be working with Hayley Rose on the IFC Netherlands Major Donor program. Hayley has vast experience in the Major Donor field including valuable experience at being at the front end of face-to-face fundraising with High Net worth Individuals and knowing what needs to happen behind scenes in order to make the ‘ask’. Together we plan to enlighten organisations about what is really involved in a Major Donor Campaign to make sure that everything is in order or at least thought about before they even consider beginning a campaign.

We’re not saying don’t do it, far from it, we’re just saying be prepared to put in the research, time, resources, effort and preparation before you even think about asking for a donation. What we hate seeing are enthusiastic organisations with great projects being turned down due to lack of the right preparation or not really understanding who or what to ask for.

We are looking at all of these elements at the next First Friday Fundraiser Session on 03 March and helping you to make that decision, Major Donor fundraising, is it right for you?

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