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I have worked in the Not for Profit world for a number of years now, and every time I meet someone who used to work in ‘business’ but now works in the charity sector, on the whole, they are really pleased to have made the jump, even though their salary often took a huge hit.

However, mostly everyone had difficulty making the transition for different reasons. Some didn’t know where to look for positions, didn’t have a network within the sector, weren’t really sure what to look for and what the positions actually were. Even if they knew, didn’t really understand what was expected of them. On the whole, it was a parallel universe for them to try to step into. Even when they did start their new working life, culturally they were worlds from what they knew and understood. Working practices, process and how things did (or didn’t) get done, were all an eye opener to everyone I spoke to.

It is interesting to note, however, that no one regretted the decision they made despite the challenges. In my opinion, the sector can only benefit from these professionals entering the not for profit world. Their experience, knowledge and not to mention their network of business people and connections is invaluable for any charity wanting to embark on a successful corporate or major donor campaign. And that’s only looking at the fundraising department!

So now I am asking you, HR professionals if you feel the same? Do you work with a charity or do you work within the not for profit sector in an HR capacity? If so, we want to hear what you think? Do you agree that there is need to help people who want to make the move and even encourage more business professionals into the sector? If so, we also want to hear how you think we can do it.

On 15 February we are organising a meeting of minds for HR professionals, business people who want to make a change but don’t know how to, as well as people who have done it and want to share their experiences (good and bad). More information can be found here.

If you are reading this and also want to know more about working into the not for profit sector please do come along to find out more.