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By now we all know (or at least should know) about online fundraising and the various forms it can take ; crowdfunding, website donations, friendraising, petitioning, to name a few. (if you are not familiar with all or any of these, please feel free to give me a call!). But there is a hidden gem we feel has been overlooked in our search to find something new and innovative – online auctions.

The beauty of online auctions is it can be the solution to many different scenarios; a well-wishing donor wants to sell something and raise money for your organisation. Or a corporate sponsor has donated an item that is of great value; flights, a meal in a fancy restaurant or Messi’s football shirt. and now you need these well – wishers gifts to be converted into fundraised income.  Or it could be that part of your fundraising strategy is online fundraising or that you organisation wants to build their awareness through online fundraising, to name a few.

No! – It’s too much work, we dont have the time or people resources to source the items or to sell them, I hear you cry. But have you taken a look at what it really would mean in terms of ROI before dismissing it ?

At the First Friday on 03 June we looked at the benefits of online fundraising auctions.

Joined by Ksenia Repina *manager Strategic Partnerships) from Catawiki, the online auction people. Catawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available. Their weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare and exceptional objects that you won’t find in any store.