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With the new year we find ourselves looking forward. As Bob Dylan once said “times they are a changing” which is no truer than now and this exciting world of fundraising we work and live in.

These days donors and not for profit organisations are connected and engage with each other in many different un-traditional ways. To be ahead of the ‘game’, we, as a forward thinking fundraisers need to know how to really connect with our donors. But how much do we really know about them and how can we get to know them better? Or perhaps the question should be WHY do we need to know them better?

There has been a lot of discussion about relationship fundraising. People like to get personal and feel like they matter rather than being just a number and this is no more important than in fundraising. Making your donor feel loved is important, they want to to feel it’s them you want to know, not just what they can give. So that’s the ‘why’ answered but how?

At the next First Friday Fundraisers Session 05 February at The Thinking Hut Antony van Hoeven from the Salesforce Foundation will go through the ‘how’. We will go through how to go about finding out what we really need to know about donors, why they donate rather than how much and how frequently.

Anthony will work through how to turn your messaging into 360 degree communication and how you can learn more about your donors.  Understanding donors social and emotional beliefs will help lead to better relationship and in turn, hopefully larger and longer term donations.

Say goodbye to the past and one sided communication and come along on 05 February to find out how 2016 could mark the beginning of a whole new you!